Chinook and Friends


Bronze Sculpture, 15 L  x 7 1/2 w x 15 h in.

   This is my first sculpture that I completed in 2005. Up until this time I had mainly worked in oils and  occasionally pastels, and although I had always fantasized of some day creating a bronze sculpture I never actually thought it would become a reality for me. Thanks to a very outstanding bronze sculptor I met through an art guild, I was introduced to this all encompassing art form.

Thinking I was only going do one sculpture because of the expense, I chose  to do my horse, Chinook and my other two very beloved pets, my cat, Mr. Tea and my beagle (very over weight beagle), Sugar Bees. And yes, Mr. Tea really did sit on the rump of Chinook while I was brushing and getting him ready to saddle.

 I love sculpture more than I do any other forms of art because of the tactile feel of the clay between my fingers and transforming a two dimensional image into a three dimensional form is like magic to me.