† Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Janice Hoagland. Iím a professional artist and I enjoy living in the Northwest with my husband, Ken Anderson and a variety of beloved pets on our little mini farm.


† Like a lot of artists, my passion for art started at a very early age. My love of horses and most animals are my favorite subjects and I get a lot of my inspiration from our own pets and the beauty of the state we live in. Although I enjoy working in a variety of art mediums, that include oil painting, scratchboard, china painting and graphite drawing, my favorite is bronze sculpture.


† My art doesnít have any heavy deep meaning in it, unless capturing the beauty or humor of an animal in a piece of artwork can be considered deep if it goes along way in giving pleasure to others. I hope you enjoy my artwork and if you are interested in purchasing a piece please e-mail me at : Hoagland fine arts


†To view a piece and get more information on it just click on the small icon of the artwork on the left .† Thank you for taking the time to view my art.